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It Is All About Fashion

TLV Style …  providing you with an insider’s view to the innovative Israeli fashion and design scene. A custom-tailored experience you will never forget.



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Western Galilee Tourism Information Center

On Tuesday, March 8, the new JNF Western Galilee Visitors Center was dedicated in the historic city of Acre. Some 2.5 million tourists visit the city of Akko annually, usually on short day-trips to the spectacular and enchanting historical sights […]

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Trendy Places in Tel Aviv

The trendiest places in Noga, the Tel Avivi Soho, 5 must see places of this artistic bubble! Enjoy, have fun and realize you are in Tel Aviv, not in Soho!  Tel Aviv is hip, hot and trendy!  Enjoy and enjoy […]

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A Shabbat of a Lifetime

Each Friday evening as the sun is setting on the rolling hills of Jerusalem, families all over the city are sitting down to enjoy their home-cooked Shabbat meals with family and friends. Tourists who visit Jerusalem often visit the Western Wall at this time, marveling in the unique […]

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A Cultural Melting Pot

“There is no such thing as Israeli cuisine,” said Chef Roy Sofer at the hip Italian Bindela Restaurant in Tel Aviv. Over the next ten days, every person I spoke to in Israel gave me a similar answer. Just like […]

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Flowers in Jerusalem

Interactive Flowers Bloom to Provide Shade and Light to Pedestrians in Urban Jerusalem. Installed to beautify the space of Vallero Square in Jerusalem, these four interactive flowers bloom and close in a fluid response to the pedestrians that pass underneath […]

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Florentin Neighborhood

In a city already known for its Bauhaus-style architecture, inspired street art, and 24-hour nightlife, Florentin is the go-to spot for artists, musicians, and people who dress like artists and musicians. Thrillist recently posted the ten most hipster neighborhoods on […]

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Visiting the North

Western Galilee Now is a registered non-profit organization (NGO) aimed at promoting awareness and appreciation for the region’s boutique wines, beers, food and produce, along with its cultural diversity, its historic traditions and the area’s scenic routes nestled between the […]