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Feeling More Than Well

A unique concept in accommodation … Home in the Old City of Be’er Sheva and … Zimmeriem (B &B) in retired buses.


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Visiting the North

Western Galilee Now is a registered non-profit organization (NGO) aimed at promoting awareness and appreciation for the region’s boutique wines, beers, food and produce, along with its cultural diversity, its historic traditions and the area’s scenic routes nestled between the […]

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Tel Aviv For Free

Tel Aviv is hip. Tel Aviv is hot. Tel Aviv is trendy. Tel Aviv is shops, sea, beach, galleries, crazy people, bicycles, many dogs, beautiful boys, beautiful girls, walking, running, expensive shops, the market, fun at night, fun at day!  […]

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The Alexander Stream is one of the few year-round streams on the northern coastal plain. Located north of Netanya, the stream is home to soft-shell turtles, which can reach a size of 1.20 meters and a weight of 50 kilograms. The […]

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Located in a historical building in Zichron Ya’akov you will find the First Aliyah Museum which recounts the journey of the pioneers who came to Israel during the First Aliyah, 1882-1903. It shows their hardships and struggles. A small museum […]

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A True Oasis

An authentic Bedouin oasis, with buildings of natural stone, lamps made of salt crystals from the nearby Dead Sea, wooden furniture decorated with iron art work, colorful fabrics constructed with stone tools all contributing to a magic place. Sleeping in Bedouin […]