Hi, my name is Joanne Nihom. I am originally from Holland, and have been living in Israel for the past few years. I wrote HotspOTs Israel, a Travel Guide with a Difference with Esther Voet. Here I will keep you updated on what’s going on in  buzzing Israel.

 About ‘the’ book. We are so proud of it!

With close to three hundred HotspOTs we show that the country is an international trendsetter in fashion, design, music, boutique hotels, restaurants, shops, art, nature, and recreation.

Israel has so much more to offer than what you see in the traditional travel guides, and that is what we wanted to call attention to. As a result, this is a very original travel guide, a guide that shows Israel in the 21st century. World-famous trend watcher Lidewij Edelkoort has exhibited in Design Museum Holon, DJ Armin van Buuren performs regularly at parties in the Negev Desert, and Israeli women have definitively substituted their standard garb of T-shirt, denim shorts, and sandals that they wore until the 1980s, for high heels and designer sunglasses.

From a culinary perspective, there are more and more award-winning restaurants, and Israel is one of the top five most vegetarian-friendly countries. More and more reputable galleries and museums are opening their doors, you can find beach bars and surf clubs along the sunny coasts, but there are also enchanting stalactite caves, you can go rafting on the Hatzbani River, horse-riding in the Golan Heights or Negev Desert, in winter you can ski until April on Mt. Hermon, float in the Dead Sea and get treatments throughout the year, or swim in the azure blue water of the Red Sea, spangled with corals and tropical fish. This guide contains tips on Tel Aviv’s nightlife and more… and a diverse variety of activities, from a tour among beautiful vineyards to soaring in a hot air balloon above the desert.

Israel is hip, hot, and trendy. Stay tuned for the latest news…!


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