The Alexander Stream is one of the few year-round streams on the northern coastal plain. Located north of Netanya, the stream is home to soft-shell turtles, which can reach a size of 1.20 meters and a weight of 50 kilograms. The southern bank of the Alexander Stream is adjacent to shifting sand dunes, and both banks are blessed with a wealth of riparian vegetation. On the northern bank, within the park, is a eucalyptus grove where visitors can picnic and relax. An ancient ruin, Hurvat Samra, sits atop a small hill near the eucalyptus grove. It may have been an ancient customs station for goods being transported down the Alexander Stream to the port near the estuary. In the spring, the hill is carpeted with anemones, buttercups, and tulips.

In the summer, the Bet Yanai beach, where the Alexander Stream meets the Mediterranean, has lifeguards and first-aid facilities. North of the beach are remnants of a quay constructed in 1938 (during the British Mandate period), supposedly for the use of grove owners, but in reality to moor boats carrying clandestine Jewish immigrants.

Overnight camping on the beach is allowed in the designated area only!

There are showers on the beach near the campground. Toilets are located 200 meters south of the campground. Fires are allowed only in the barrels provided.

Payment for overnight camping is per night

Tel: 09 – 8666230

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